Quality Management

This Quality Management System (QMS) has been developed by Nutbrook Aggregates to provide a uniform control process from which they can reasonably state and demonstrate that their product has been fully recovered and is no longer a waste. The framework created by this QMS provides a clear audit trail to ensure compliance with Environmental Legislation. This audit trail can be used by customers to ensure that they comply with their own Duty of Care obligations and environmental goals. This QMS is based on the following documents.

    • WRAP ‘Quality Protocol for the Production of Aggregates from Inert Waste’.
    • AggRegain ‘Quality Module’, in particular the ‘Quality Tool’, which was developed specifically for inert waste.
    • Factory Production Control Annexes of the Europeasn Standards on Aggregates.

The WRAP quality protocol aims to establish a defined quality management scheme that controls both the management of environmental risk from feedstock and the management of aggregate processing to established standards to ensure that materials recovered under its performance criteria meet the quality and conformity requirements for European Standards for Aggregates. The WRAP quality protocol comprises of the following key areas; Management and staff responsibilities, Resource Management, Product Realisation (Method Statement of Production), Measurement, Analysis and Improvement and the Factory production Control.

The Quality Protocol for the Production of Aggregates from Inert Waste was re-published in 2008. It considers the production of aggregates from inert construction, demolition and excavation waste. It is based on a pragmatic approach of material selection through to final product checklists. The schematic diagram used within Quality Control is illustrated in Table (5) of this QMS. This diagram is based upon the following criteria: obtaining source data, acceptance testing, weighing and categorising, stockpiling, re-inspecting and processing to produce the final product stockpiles. Throughout the quality control process, unsuitable materials and failures within the process will result in materials being rejected in order to ensure the quality of the final product.

The 2004 European Standards for Aggregates ensures that there is no discrimination between aggregates from natural, recycled and manufactured materials. The requirement of the Factory Production Control is helping producers of recycled and secondary aggregates to demonstrate the quality of their products. The application of CE Marking aims to benchmark standards and give aggregate users the confidence that recycled and secondary materials are of the required quality and equivalent to primary or natural materials.

The Waste Protocols Project is a joint initiative between the Environment Agency and WRAP which aims to provide regulatory certainty to business about when specific waste types cease to be waste.