At Nutbrook Aggregates in Ilkeston Derbyshire, we receive, process and re-cycle waste products into quality Aggregates using strict WRAP protocol guidelines.

DSCF3814_INCOPYOur environmental licence allows us to process 250,000 tonnes per annum which, in turn, is recycled into premium recycled aggregate products regulated by the Environment Agency.

We use the latest crushing and screening technology and materials can be either collected or delivered to both large global companies and small day to day contractors.

Our state of the art weighbridge including ANPR vehicle identification. Ensures a swift turnaround of vehicles and a very pleasant driver experience.



We accept the following materials for recycling

  • Concrete.
  • Tarmac.
  • Brick and block.

DSCF4105_INCOPY copyAt Nutbrook we recognise that with landfill at a premium and the earth’s natural resources depleting, there is a need for the recycling of construction waste.

These materials are routinely sampled and tested to ensure conformity with the relevant British Standard.

Waste hard core materials are accepted from trade or private customers and can be brought to site in any size vehicle.

This service will allow our clients to improve their sustainability targets, as they will be able to obtain recycled materials.