Viridor’s EfW contract for ‘carbon negative’ aggregate

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Viridor has signed a 10-year deal with Carbon8 Aggregates to process and recycle air pollution control residue (APCR) into the latter’s award-winning aggregate product.

Viridor’s energy recovery plants in Exeter, Cardiff, Ardley and Peterborough will supply around 25,000 tonnes A year, which Grundon Waste Management will transport to Carbon8’s plant in Brandon, Suffolk. A second plant in Avonmouth is due to be operational at the end of the year and three more are planned.

APCR is a by-product of the filtering process to clean exhaust gases and is typically sent to landfill.

Carbon8 uses accelerated carbonation technology to turn the residue into a lightweight aggregate that can be used to produce building blocks. The process captures more carbon dioxide than is generated during manufacturing, making the blocks carbon-negative.

The company won the Best Recycled Product category at the 2013 National Recycling Awards. Small blocks of the aggregate were used as trophies in 2014 and will be presented again at the 2015 event on 1 July.

The Environment Agency accepts that the aggregate is ‘end of waste’ material and is a product in its own right.

Viridor says the contract, which has an option for a further five years, allows the company to continue its zero waste to landfill goals.

Stuart Sim, EfW director, said the company was excited to be among the industry leaders in using this technology.

“We are committed to giving the world’s resources new life, and seeing our residues recycled and become carbon-negative products within the construction industry really demonstrates clear progress on resource efficiency in this important and growing part of our sector,” he said.

Richard Skehens, chairman of Carbon8 and former chief executive of Grundon, said: “The investment by Grundon into the Carbon8 Aggregates business recognised the huge potential for recycling APCR into aggregate, thereby providing a genuine zero-waste to landfill option.

“This contract asserts Carbon8’s position as the market leader in APCR recycling.”

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