Hard-core! Hard-core! Hard-core!

Well that’s the last Bank Holiday gone until the fat fella dressed in red comes down your chimney [no not me], suitcases are back in the loft after holidays and the UK had a fantastic result at Rio, the weathers good and still warm enough to sit outside the local planning next years holiday, not a bad summer considering, on with business……………..

Due to Nutbrook Aggregates becoming a major supplier in the East Midlands of Recycled Type 1, 6F2, Pipe Bedding, Fill Sand and Screened Soil we are now on the look out for Hard Core, any quantities welcome………………..and yes you’ve guessed it for a added incentive a ‘Bacon Roll’ from Flo’s for when you mention this blog.

Don’t forget the Screened Soil, Nutbrook have a quantity of quality of Screened Soil ready to go at £0 yes that’s FOC, Zero, Nothing, Note, Free, bring your vehicle and we will gladly load it with as little or as much as you like!!


Kyle Hassall is now a member of the Nutbrook Aggregates team and will be instrumental in taking Nutbrook in to a new era.

More news in the coming weeks.



Posted on August 31, 2016 at 11:28 am
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