Officially its started……………….

The Summer of 2016, I would like to welcome Luke to Nutbrook Aggregates, Luke comes to Nutbrook with over 4 years experience in the recycling industry.

Nutbrook Aggregates will be launching in April the supply of bulk/builders bags of  Building Sand, Grit Sand along with a selection of gravels and of course Nutbrooks recycled fill material such as 6F2, Type 1 and Screened Soil…………………                                                                                                                                                                                          Forgot to mention, after doing a bit of market research and finding out what other suppliers  charge for there bulk/builders bags I can assure you that Nutbrook Aggregates are the cheapest across the range out of the ‘top 5 suppliers’ I contacted.

Other news from Nutbrook Aggregates is that the option for paying by card is taking a step nearer, we are now waiting for the IT ‘stuff to be completed.

*********************************NEWS FROM THE YARD**********************************

Colin leaves Friday, all the best for the future.

Nutbrook new Case 30 tonne 360 supplied by Warwick Ward should be delivered April.

New security gates now installed

Eric and Gavin were married at the weekend in a civil ceremony and walked down the isle to the Johnny Cash hit Ring of Fire.



……………and finally

Britain is facing face a shortage of local sand and gravel says the UK Mineral Products Association.

The association’s latest report highlights the problems of declining reserves raised in previous surveys.

The fourth Annual Mineral Planning Survey covers the period to the end of 2014 and is based upon data for the whole of Great Britain provided in confidence by association members.

The report warns that unless action is taken, particularly speeding up the planning (permitting) process the construction industry will face increasing supply challenges particularly local sand and gravel.

Key findings of the report

  • Sales – in 2014, total MPA sales of land-won sand and gravel and crushed rock in GB increased by 6.1% and 13.5% respectively, reflecting growth in overall construction and economic activity
  • Replenishment of aggregate reserves – sand and gravel is being severely under-replenished as reserves are used twice as fast as new capacity is being permitted. Crushed rock is superficially being replenished but this is skewed by a few large permissions which mask general under-replenishment elsewhere
  • Numbers of planning applications – operators have been slow to respond to the upturn whilst local authorities may not have the capacity to deal effectively with an expected surge in applications
  • Appeals – ‘planning by appeal’ remains an unattractive option for operators with very low numbers being submitted due to the time, cost and uncertainty
  • Numbers of planning decisions – decisions are low in line with the comparatively low level of applications
  • Time taken to obtain permission – it still takes almost 3 years on average to secure permission for both sand and gravel and crushed rock reserves although this is only a part of an overall period of up to 15 years from site identification to production
  • Shares of national provision – remain stable but figures dominated by one large permission in Scotland.

Nigel Jackson, chief executive, Mineral Products Association, said: “It is good news that there is a continuing increase in the demand for aggregates and a growth in construction and economic activity during 2014.

“The report highlights the fact that insufficient new reserves are being permitted particularly sand and gravel and this continues to be a real concern. With over half of new permissions being for sites that have not yet been allocated in mineral plans, it is clear that the plan led system is not providing the certainty that it should.”

“I hope that both government and planning authorities will take notice of the messages from AMPS4 and give more commitment to speeding up both the plan making system and the processing of planning applications, otherwise maintaining a ‘steady and adequate supply’ will become increasingly difficult over the longer term.

“Investing in the skills required by planning authorities to handle aggregates and quarrying issues is vital. We think that better use could be made of the talent that is already in place by sharing specialist officers between authorities to create ‘centres of mineral planning excellence’.

“We also believe that urgent attention needs to be given to improving the interface between planning and the key permitting functions of the Environment Agency and Natural England, which should be far more integrated. Last but not least, the primacy of planning over permitting must be re-established if we are to tackle this replenishment issue by giving operators the confidence they need to submit more applications.”

Mineral Products Association



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It’s Spring, time to get busy

It’s finally here….spring that is! but there’s still a slim possibility of snow.

Here at Nutbrook Aggregates we are pulling out all the stops and have ordered a new Case 360  excavator so its thanks to Rob Hughs at Case for commitment at assuring Nutbrook Aggregates have made the right choice.

The new excavator will join the Case loading shovel in processing material in to 6F2, Type 1, Fill Sand and Soil, further news is that over the next month Nutbrook Aggregates will be able to offer ALL material in Bulk Bags these will be available for collection or delivery via Grab trucks, also Nutbrook Aggregates will be able to accept card payments for loads of any size collected or delivered.

More often than not with every good news there’s usually a bit of bad news and that is, Colin Nutbrook Aggregate’s highly experienced 360 driver has decided to leave, Colin has been with Nutbrook since the start but has decided to accept a position a lot nearer to home, anybody that thinks they would fill Colin’s boots please get in touch as soon as possible.


To Recap

Nutbrook Aggregates, new machine ordered, bulk bags coming on line along with card payments and

#360 excavator driver wanted#



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