Eventually………….its stopped raining

Nutbrook Aggregates yard at Ilkeston is now starting to dry up after one of the wettest spells on record and it’s time to produce 6F2, Type 1, Fill Sand and Screened Soil all of which come under the heading of Recycled Aggregates 6F2 Consists of: An aggregate composed of crushed concrete, brick and mortar produced as a by-product of demolition projects known in the trade as 6F2 Recycled Capping. Sizes range from 75mm down to dust. The term 6F2 Capping applies to a product that will vary in size depending on the supplier you use but we find that 75mm Crusher Run is a good general purpose aggregate. 6F2 Capping is mainly used a sub-base for roads and buildings although it has many other uses such as Piling Mats and general backfill. The coarse nature of 6F2 Capping makes it a very good all in one product which when compacted forms a hard wearing surface. 6F2 is ideal as an initial layer of hard-core before being finished off with a layer of type 1 sized material. Ideal for: hard-standings, haul roads, building sub-bases, path/road/highway/driveway/patio sub-bases, piling mats, another Nutbrook Aggregates material is Type1 Consists of: Type 1 Recycled Sub Base can be made from a range of materials such as Crushed Concrete, Crushed Rail Ballast or IBAA (Incinerator Bottom Ash Aggregate). Sizes range from 40mm down to dust to create an easily compacted  recycled aggregate. MOT Type 1 Recycled Sub Base is graded according to the Specification for Highway Works 803 (SHW 803). This is a great alternative to quarried Department of Transport Type 1 (Also known as MOT) and in most cases is cheaper. Ideal for: Hard-standings, haul roads, building sub-bases, path/road/highway/driveway/patio sub-bases. A must for applications that require material graded to a Type 1 specification. ********Celebration************** To celebrate 12 months of business on the 4th February I am giving away 3 Full Breakfasts to the first 3 people to wish either Garry or myself Happy Nutbrook Birthday!!!!!!   Regards Lee

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…Will it stop raining???

RainingThat’s the first week completed of 2016 and what a wet week its been, here at Nutbrook Aggregates we have witnessed a selection of rain showers from a quick shower to the torrential downpour when rain starts to bounce off the yard.

Later on this month Nutbrook Aggregates will be producing 6F2, Type 1 and Screened Soil and Dust to put on stock and as everybody is aware recycled aggregates is both cost effective and sustainable.

Recycled and secondary aggregates are making an increasingly important contribution to the UK’s needs.

By reducing demand on primary aggregates, they are helping the industry to become more sustainable – in other words, not using up assets today that our children may need tomorrow.

Some interesting news care of … http://www.mineralproducts.org/index.php

The use of recycled and secondary building materials in the GB aggregates market has increased rapidly, rising from 30 million tonnes pa in 1990 to over 70 mt in 2007. Over that period the share of the aggregates market supplied from recycled and secondary sources has risen from 10% to 25%. This 25% market share is three times higher than the European average, highlighting the fact that the use of recycled and secondary building materials in Britain is close to full potential.

Nutbrook Aggregates will be celebrating a milestone on the 4th February more details to follow next week


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A Happy New Year to everybody from Nutbrook Aggregates.

I hope everybody’s had a good break and not made any resolutions that they cant keep!!

During the first quarter of 2016 Nutbrook Aggregates will be introducing Bulk Bags of our entire product range that will be available for collection or delivery

.Bulk Bag

Don’t forget that Nutbrook Aggregates may be able to collect large amounts of hard-core/rubble at very competitive rates [conditions apply]


****Phoning 0115 932 6969 will now put you directly in touch with Nutbrook Aggregates.

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